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1. How many empty SpaceKraft in a 53-foot domestic trailer?

For a standard 275-gallon SpaceKraft, there is a minimum of (264) complete sets, in a 53' over-the-road trailer - quantities can vary depending on the package specifications.

2. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is (24) complete sets.

3. How many empty SpaceKraft in an export container?

Depending on the package specification, there is a quantity range:
40' sea container
There is a maximum of (264) complete sets in a 40' sea container
20' Sea Container
There is a maximum of (96) complete sets in a 20' sea container

4. How many filled SpaceKraft will fit in a 20' sea container?

Twenty filled SpaceKraft can fit inside a 20' sea container, depending on the weight restrictions. Most sea containers have a maximum weight restriction –approximately 48,000-pounds or 22,000 kg.

5. What are the shipping certifications for SpaceKraft?

SpaceKraft passes all test protocols for International Safe Transit (ISTA) and National Motor Freight (NMFC®).

6. How puncture resistant is the package?

The SpaceKraft package is over 1.5-inches thick and uses a nylon-reinforced liquid liner. The sidewall offers complete protection, unlike the tradition bottle in-cage IBC. The liquid liner is designed to absorb impact and resist punctures and able to absorb 1,000-pounds of force per square foot.

7. What is the secret to the extraordinary strength of SpaceKraft?

The SpaceKraft package is made from paper, but it is not a box. The patented process creates a package with exceptional stacking strength and bulge resistance because the construction is seamless and has no joints.

8. Are there SpaceKraft samples available if a customer would like to test?

Prospective customers can order a sample to compare SpaceKraft to the current by contacting a local representative to arrange a test.

9. How high can SpaceKraft be stacked when filled?

A typical SpaceKraft package has about 50,000-pounds of compression strength, allowing customers to stack the filled package up to 5-high, depending on the application and pallet used.

10. Is SpaceKraft recyclable?

SpaceKraft is an International Paper business. International Paper operates a fully integrated recycling business with over 20 company-operated facilities that can assist with recycling used paper and plastic components.